Wednesday, 16 April 2014

REVIEW: Elizabeth Arden Visible Whitening Multi-Targeted UV Shield BB Cream SPF 30 PA++

This was one of the samples that I personally choose for my first ever beauty box, VanityTrove. I have been venturing into BB creams recently after being a little tired of using foundations so this was an ideal way of putting this high end product to test.

So how did this BB cream fare in my opinion? Well, read on and let's take a look!

 I got a 7ml sample from VanityTrove

 List of ingredients

Little goes a very long way with this BB cream. Texture is a little watery.

Half blended into skin

Fully blended into skin. Did a great job in evening out my skin tone.

I was slightly disappointed when I  received this in Shade 01 which is lighter than my skin tone. However, upon application the shade differences was barely noticeable, somehow the BB cream adjusted to my skin tone.

The texture of this cream is slightly watery so a little goes a very long way. Coverage wise, I would say it's very light but it did a great job in balancing and smoothing out my skin tone. If you have blemishes then this will not work for you. This BB cream gives a dewy finish which made my face looks like it's healthy and glowing from within. Two thumbs up for that!

I have tried this BB cream with and without using moisturiser and I find my face gets shiny after 4-5 hours if I apply moisturiser before this BB cream. However, I do love the way this cream feels by itself! It was moisturising enough without making my face shiny after 7 hours! I think this product is good for normal to dry skin but anyone with combination to oily skin should stay away.

The one thing that irks me about this product is the smell. It has a pretty strong sweet chemical floral smell which annoys me a little. While the smell does not linger long after application, I still wish this is fragrance free product. I have also read reviews complaining this product stings upon application. I personally did not experience this but anyone with sensitive skin should be aware of this.

Another downside of this BB cream? The steep price. It's retailing at MYR198.00/30ml. Like seriously?! While I am satisfied with this product, I will not be purchasing the full size when the sample runs out. It's not worth the exorbitant price and I personally think there are better BB creams in the market with a much sensible price.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Song of the Day

Serena Ryder - Stompa

Stomp, stomp, stomp away from work! Yipee! The perfect song to celebrate my last day of work for next 2 months!

There's a light and I can see it in your eyes
There's a memory of the way you used to be
Nothing's gone it still shines evey time you turn it on
And when you slow it down...

People, working every night and day
Never give yourself no time
Got too many bills to pay
Slow down, nothing's gonna disappear
If you give yourself some room
To move to the music you hear

Gotta get up, listen to me
Clappa your hands, stompa your feet

People, looking for the great escape
Looking to the greener side
Trying to find a better way
Slow down; open up your big brown eyes
Feel the rhythm in your heart
You don't even need to try

Gotta get up, listen to me
Clappa your hands, stompa your feet
Nothing is wrong, if you move to the beat
Clappa your hands
Stompa your feet
Stompa your feet

When you can't seem to shake off all the feelings that are breaking

Little pieces of the music that's in you
All the pain that you feel
I can prove it's not real
There's just one thing you gotta do

Gotta get up, listen to me
Clappa your hands, stompa your feet
Nothing is wrong, if you move to the beat
Clappa your hands
Stompa your feet
Stompa your feet

Stompa your feet, stompa your feet

REVIEW: Dove Nutritive Therapy Nutri-Oil Serum

I have been on a hair product binge recently...and skin care. Makeup? Shockingly not so much anymore. *gasp!* You heard that right, not so obsessed about makeup anymore. It's probably a temporary break-up between makeup and me...but like a downward spiral relationship between Justin Beaver (typo but it's staying!) and Selena, we'll get back together again and again.

Guardian pharmacies have been playing Santa and giving blow out sales up to 50% on selected products so obviously I had to walk in to check stuff out. Hey, I never know what I have been missing from my life all this while....

I was running low on my Schwarzkopf leave in conditioner so when I saw Dove was on sale, I instantly zoomed in on the nutri-oil serum. I have not read much about this serum but it was retailing at MYR19.90, a decent low price so I thought why not?

Simple packaging, nothing fancy 

What it claims to do and directions to use 


 Product in clear plastic bottle with a pump. I do love the plastic bottle as it's light which makes it great for travelling and doesn't break as easily as glass bottle. This is great for a klutz like me.

Product (2 pumps)

This serum pleasantly surprise me. I was expecting the usual heavy oil but this serum was actually very light! I used 2 pumps of this serum, warm it in between my hands and run it through my damp hair from mid length to the ends.

The result? My hair felt silky smooth and soft without any oiliness or heaviness. After blow drying, my hair seems to have some bounce in it and hey-ho, even some shine! It also seems to tame whatever little frizz that I have too.

I really like this serum. It's lightweight and seems to do wonders for my hair. The best part? It's so affordable and performs way better than some expensive hair serums that I have bought. If I have to be really fussy, the only thing that might be a downside for some people is the smell. This serum does smell like soap which might not suit everyone.

I must say Dove did a great job with this serum. Major love from me!

...and I am OFF!

So sorry that I have been missing these past few days but I have a good reason for it...I was extremely busy with work; handing over everything to my temporary replacement. Yes luvs, I am officially off work from tomorrow onwards! That's the reason why I have been a wee bit silent here as I had to make sure everything is handed over properly to the new girl.

Little tyke's arrival is drawing really close so my doctor advised me to stay home for a week as she doesn't want me travelling so far to office. My doctor predicted little tyke will be here in a week or 10 days at most so time for me to put my feet up and rest.

So between now and the arrival of little tyke, I will have more time to write and post my nonsensical thoughts, little products which I love or not and hopefully I will have more time to try out more recipes too!


Friday, 11 April 2014

My First Beauty Box - Vanity Trove

After reading so much about beauty boxes, I finally decided to take the plunge and get one. Well, it's also a great way to discover what's new in the market and what works or not for me. Instead of purchasing a full size product only to discover it sucks and waste money, I thought why not? beauty boxes offers generous sample sizes and I might stumble onto something that could achieve my HG status. 

I receive my first beauty box from VanityTrove yesterday. Now, this is a wee bit of a cheat as I choose what samples that I wanted to try instead of the usual surprise elements. And yes, ladies and gentlemen, Vanity Trove offers personalized VanityTrove boxes! For MYR50.00, you get to choose 6 samples of YOUR choice and mind you, these are very generous size samples too. How bloody cool is that?! Not only you get to choose your samples but VanityTrove also request you to complete your beauty profile. It's important to be as accurate as possible as VanityTrove offers products based on your beauty profile. 

The reason why I choose a personalized beauty box for my first try is I didn't want to be disappointed as it will put my off instantly. Secondly, I also wanted to know how fast and efficient the company is. Will they give me something different from what I choose and not tell me? I was testing the water or so to speak and I must say, Vanity Trove excelled in all areas. I purchased the box and had trouble uploading the receipt so I had to email them. The problem was solved that evening when I used my personal laptop to upload but I received a reply from Vanity Trove the next morning and they instantly processed my order. And best part? I received my box within 2 days! Impressive! 

So let's see my choices! 

Simple and yet classy box which I can reuse as a gift box or to keep my little trinkets.

Look at all the samples!

Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion in 3ml

 Infinity KOSE Pure Advance Essence Lotion and Serum II in 15ml each

 Wella ENRICH Shampoo (50ml) and Conditioner/Mask (25ml)

 Elizabeth Arden Visible Whitening BB Cream in 7ml

 Lierac Coherence L.Ir Creme Lifting Jour & Nuit

And naughty, naughty VanityTrove surprised me with an additional sample in this Schwarzkopf Oil Miracle Shampoo in 30ml! 

I dived head in and tried few of these samples last night and I must say the Schwarzkopf Oil Miracle Shampoo is just luxurious. My hair has never felt softer and shinnier!

I also used Murad collagen, Kose Essence Lotion and Lierac cream on my face and I woke up with my face feeling baby smooth. Of course these are all first impression but I am extremely happy with my samples and even happier with VanityTrove's efficiency and professionalism. 

Verdict? I am a fan and will be subscribing their surprise and personalized boxes monthly!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Reverse Hair Washing: ONE WEEK UPDATE

Ta-daa! Here's my hair after ONE WEEK of reverse hair washing! I know it's impossible to judge by pictures but I swear my hair feel better, lighter and surprisingly soft. All my worries about drying my hair out to the point I will be Frizzy Sally was for nothing.

I actually find my hair to be more manageable and the best part? Most of the time I don't even need to blow dry it. It dries perfectly in place without me having to wrestle my hair between a bloody comb and hair dryer. How brilliant is that?

Will this permanently be my way for hair washing from now onward? Probably, but I know I will forget and fall back into old habits every once in a while. After years and years and too many years of shampoo and then conditioner, it's only natural to fall back to my old ways no? But I am determine to continue this reverse hair washing for a long time. I might forget and not do it everyday but I will definitely do it every time I remember!

NOTE: I have very fine hair so this technique works on me. It might not work on thicker/wavy/curly hair. Still, it doesn't hurt to try. :-)

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

REVIEW: Maybelline Lip Polish by Colorsensational (Glam 3)

First of all, let me start this post by saying...Kevin is NOT going to like this. I am still banned from purchasing any lip products but I just cannot let this go! And for a damn good reason to!

I present you the original retail price...MYR32.90.

          And I paid...MYR14.90 for it! It was slightly more than 50% off the retail price! It was bloody brilliant price wise and hey, I'm the Queen of Bargain Hunters, eh?

There was 6 - 7 different shades on sale but I somehow managed to resist temptation and only bought "Glam 3". Yes, ladies and gentlemen, miracles do happen every now and then.

List of ingredients:
Octyldodecyl, eopentanoate, hydrogenated polyisobutene, dimethicone, hydrogenated styrene/methy strene/indene copolymer, hydrogenated polycdecene, hydrogenated styrene/butadiene copolymer, bis-diglyceryl  polyacyladipate-2, hydrogenated castor oil isosterate, silica dimethy silylate, pentylene glycol, calcium aluminium borosilicate, caprylyl glycol, isopropyl isostearate, alumina silica, synthetic fluorphlogopite, pentaerythrityl tetra-di-butyl hydroxyhydrocinnamate, calcium sodium borosilicate, mel/honey, magnesium solicate, tin oxide, sodium hyluronate, polyethylene, terephthalate, aluminium hydroxide, acrylates copolymer.

The wand itself is something that I have never seen before. It's wider than all glosses that I owned and yet, it actually made the application better. When I first saw the wand, my first thought was 'uh huh, here comes the mess...' but I was very wrong. Quick and accurate application which was fantastic in my book as one of the reason I am not a huge fan of lip gloss or anything like it is messy, sticky application.

Swatch: A very soft coral peach with pink undertone. It looks very orange in the tube but upon application, it gives a beautiful soft wash of coral on the lips. I must admit that I was a little alarmed when I swatch this and saw shimmer in it. Hey, I don't want to be walking around with my lips looking like a shinny, oily disco ball but thankfully, I can barely see the shimmer after application.

Don't mind my exhausted face and dark circles...this mama-to-be has not been sleeping the past couple of nights. LOL!

While the texture of this lip polish is thick, it does not feel heavy or tacky on my lips. I really like the glossy finish that this product offers as it made my lips look plumped up, almost bee stung like. The application was smooth and it felt very hydrating and moisturizing on my lips. Pigmentation wise is decent with me getting a good coverage with 2 thin layers. It also did not settle into my lips fine lines nor did it bleed out like most glosses do which are more bonus points!

All in all, this is a brilliant lip product for anyone on the go as it's supposedly balm, lipstick and gloss all in one. I can honestly see this creeping up to be one of my top 3 favourite!